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The Fidget-y Girls Guide to the First Date


The Complete Guide to Preparing for the First Date and Scoring a Second Date!



Are you tired of going on First Dates that are awkward and lead no where?

Are you annoyed with the types of men that you keep going out with?

Do you feel frustrated with dating in general?

Do you always feel nervous on first dates (and subsequent dates)?

Are you sick of feeling bad about yourself and awkward on dates?

Check out my Guide to the First Date!

This 13-page guide covers all topics relating to the first date like:
-How to Get Ready
-How to feel confident and awesome on a first date
-How to roll with awkward pauses
-What red flags you should look out for on a first date
-What problems typically come up on first dates and how you can solve them
-Tips to get him to ask you on Date #2
-An Interactive worksheet to debrief the date
-Questions to ask yourself before the date
-What to do if he calls afterwards
-How to get over a guy that ghosts you.

For only $3, you’ll know everything there is to know about the first date. You’ll be completely ready to rock it!


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