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Why women who date many men are smart

I know, I know. Our society is absolutely vicious towards women who date a lot of guys. These women are labeled sluts and burned with the letter A. I think it’s really unfair that women are labeled this way. I personally think that women who date a lot of men got it made.

Think about it. In our modern day society, we are given a plethora of options when it comes to dating. We can download an app, go out to a popular bar, meet people through our friends. It’s pretty funny that we don’t actually utilize all of these options. Generally women these days meet up with a man and go on a few dates with him. If all goes well with the guy, they usually continue going out with him. Then, because we’ve spent so much time with the guy, we make it official. Then, months down the line we find out that he has another girlfriend or that he is a major hoarder and we dump him. Boom, six months wasted on a loser.

What if I told you that women who dated a lot of men actually have it all figured out? Would it be an option that you would consider? Here are five reasons why women who date many men have it all figured out:

1. They have more confidence. Women who date a lot of men are more likely to be confident. With an endless assortment of men to go out with, it’s natural that your confidence levels will be higher.

2. They find out what they want in a man long-term. When you’re only going out with one guy, you see your future with him as a given. When you’re dating multiple guys, you can imagine your future with each of them. You can figure out more of what you’re looking for in a man because you can compare each man to the other. You can pick out the best qualities in each of the men you’re dating and look for these qualities in your next serious relationship.

3. They get better at dating. If you don’t go on dates that often, the idea of going on a new date must make you really nervous. Good news is that practice makes perfect! Women who go out with many men have opportunities to go on many dates. The more they go out with these men, the better they get at talking and feeling at ease with themselves.

4. They keep their options open. Women who date a lot of men do not get tied down to one man right away. When you are going out with only one guy, at some point, if the relationship continues to go well, you’re going to be in a relationship with them by default, simply because there are no other guys around. Women who date a lot of men do not fall into this trap because they keep their relationships fun, exciting and free of commitment. They really commit to someone when they KNOW that person is right for them, not just by default.

5. They have fun and new experiences. Going out with many different men allows you to have fun, exciting new experiences. You can not only meet a lot of great men, you can also attend different events with them that satisfy each of your individual interests. It’s hard to meet one man that’s interested in everything you are interested in, but it’s easy to meet many men that share at least one of your interests.
I know going out with multiple men can also have its drawbacks, but generally going out with many men has its benefits. If you want to have all of these experiences in your life, I recommend going out with many men. Not only will you keep your options open, you will find out what you really want in a man and have your best long-term relationship yet.


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